19 thoughts on “12 Trends in Web Design for Designers and Entrepreneurs

  1. You had me at #2….I keep asking myself, has my eyesight gone so weak or why is my screen failing to provide the same visual contrast as the content developer, they surely didn’t want it to be like this, or did they… the light grey text on the lighter grey background kills me and the ‘joy’ when reading content, whether web pages, PDFs, or would you believe marketing material sent via postal mail. I HATE IT, IT SUCKS! Who are these people and who told them this is a good thing???? Now, back to video.

  2. I like this video i want to know what is the best Sub-domain or Multi-site for ranking my site on google, SEO Friendly and for business like CPA & Affiliate marketing.

  3. I just cringe how the whole industry is talking about use exp. and it seems no one is paying to legibility of text. When your text is 5 pt.
    In traditional type treatment when type had to be reduced type sttters would meticulously overcompensate the legibility by opening up kernings, tracking and making the type a tad fatter. Seems everyone simply just reduces type as is. They type should as well be DYNAMIC once you reach the CRITICAL BREAK POINTS….it should Automatically Get BIGGGER and rather than stay at 4-6pt… I am not seeing anyone doing the CSS to achieve that.

  4. Bro if i use sub-domain for my other working activity, Is it gonna good for my main domain and sub-domain???? please tell something about it.

  5. great work u help me a lot with this video, very informative and well explained, thanks for taking the time.

    (srry for my bad english, is not my native).

  6. Great Job, Thanks for sharing helpful info for website designing trends.

    Subscribed. Keep posting. thx

  7. hey thanks for the great info.. i wanna ask. when you create a web design, do you create the mobile version too? or just web version?

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