18 thoughts on “How to Become a Web Designer in 2015 | Design Careers

  1. This was so helpful. I've been designing websites but thought it didn't count because I wasn't using code, my eyes are opened

  2. Becoming a web designer is easier now days with soo many examples and tutorials online. There are soo many ways to get in overnight instantly!

  3. Can you learn your self how to code and/or design and how long will it take?
    btw, I am prepared to do whatever it takes

  4. please you people help me to series of materials because i went to be a web designer like you i was kindly asking for good stuff of materials or tool in my lectures

  5. Hey! I'm interested inn starting a web designer career but i don't know anything about programing nor do i know how to use any programs for web design specifically, the closest ill' get is Adobe Indesign. I want to make a web site for a shop in my town, but my question is: What program should i start learning? Whats the best program to use for shopping specified web sites? Thanks for answering at advance. :)

  6. You're incredible. Seriously I want to be a web developer and I'm learning about HTML and CSS3 but I still do not know how to start. I've just discover your page and I'm binge watching it. You're doing an incredible job providing us amazing advices. Greatings from a Venezuelan girl that don't know how to make this profitable at this early stage of knowledge but is excited about the possibility of working in this market.

  7. nice video, very informational, I love the info so I'll subcribe to that, just learned html and I think it's the best way to go for me , I'm already currently in school for website design, I have a plan set out for the next 10 years n it's to be coding my own websites instead of trying to find the money to pay a third party, it's already costly to run the site so I figure nock some cost down by coding and designing my own site and only going to the third party for hosting and domain purchases.

  8. So helpful to start to learn to be a web designer! very well organized idea! Thank you so much Roberto~~

  9. I'm the editor of a small publication. We always draw out multiple designs before we touch the computers.

  10. I need help on everything I really want to be a web developer / designer but I don't know where to start and I don't have money to buy anything. can u please help me?

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