18 thoughts on “How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

  1. Thanks for the great video.

    I learned HTML, CSS and some JS/PHP in 2 months, and I also learned to build a website with WordPress, it was not that hard and I thought that my new skills will bring me some dough easily. But I'm stuck at design, it seems like I'm completely devoid of creativity, I can easily recognize what a terrible website is, but I still have no idea how to fix it.

    People say that I should look for inspiration in other sites, but that only makes me more lazy, and I just end up copying stuff:(.Is there hope? Can you actually learn that stuff?

  2. Thanks for the instructive tutorial, website design can be very critical if you don’t plan your work at all or you planned it very poorly.

    Calls to action are important part for the website offering any business products.  We at MDHOV are working not only for making websites very appalling though text, images,  designing and development features by using lot of latest web designing styles including mobile-friendly response trends.

  3. QUESTION – i AM AN OLD-SCHOOL WEB DESIGNER. Haven't built a web site in years. I learned to code in HTML, XML, and PHP –
    I use DreamWeaver 4.0 QUESTION – what is the coding language used most today for web design, and is DreamWeaver still a good web site building tool?

  4. why use wix
    every website is made from html and css
    wix is made from html and css so do not ise wix
    if you use wix you can not make any thing awsome

  5. Your claim about the body text is more legible in sans serif is unfounded. It's just not true, and you cannot prove it. It's just your highly biased opinion that grotesques are more legible. What font type you decide upon is dependent on context. For instance, the New York Times switching to sans serif would be unthinkable. They're doing just fine with serifs, thank you very much, and that's how it's going to stay for the forseeable future. What font you choose for your body text depends on what audience you want, and what kind of content you're making. Serifs does not affect legibility. Not enough for it to matter in the grand scope of things, anyway. Anyway, thumbs up for an otherwise great video.

  6. As for the pro web developers, there's room for both in this world.
    Some people are satisfied with sliced ham, from a big box store, cut by a kid fresh out of high school.
    Others want kobe beef, sliced by a professional.

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