20 thoughts on “Learn Web Design: Simpler is Better

  1. … das gute ist , dass man heutzutage einfache hilftools wie cms hat.also joomla der so verwenden kann, womit man homepages, wie powerpoints erstellen kann. wer das nicht will oder wem das zu anstrengend ist , kann sich eine erstellen lassen .es gibt viel anbieter. guck mal bei http://www.dondus.de oder vergleichbaren seiten.

  2. the problem with simpler design is that your professor's in college doesn't like them, atleast in my experience. in my opinion I make so many good simple web design and it ends up underrated.

  3. I like the goal of this video and totally agree about simplicity.

    However, when I look at the design iterations lined up together I don't think you achieved it. The large image actually detracts from the simplicity, making it more complex, not less. It seems to me that you clarified the message but did not simplify the design. Simplifying the design would be to use only the text of the final iteration without the image. Leaving off the icons would make it simpler, too. There is implied context when you're talking about an event, which makes the icons largely unnecessary. Besides, what if those icons are not internationally understood as what you intended?

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is that simplicity and clarity are two different concepts. You did clarify the message, but I don't think that the design itself is simpler. Does that make sense?

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