Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility is everything for a website to be successful commercially and the absence of your site on the search engine top pages would result into decreased amount of traffic eventually to oblivion.  Your website’s disappearance from search engines could be attributed to several things and one of them is the reliability on a certain script while designing navigation for the site.

For instance, using JavaScript exclusively for navigation menu can sometimes result into your website pages not featuring in search engine standards hence it is prudent to use direct links.  Another thing that you need to look for is implanting links that point towards other pages of the site you are designing. This enables the search engines also to index other pages from your website and increase customer traffic.

Search engine visibility is vital for websites if they have to achieve their purpose hence the website you create need to be compatible to the search engine technical aspects so that they appear in their scanners. JavaScript was not within the purview of Google earlier hence was not interpreted by the bots while encountering web pages scripted by it. Now the search engine is able to interpret some of the JavaScript menus, but it is still wise to plant ordinary links because the former could be a little complicated when interpreting. Another thing you need to remind yourself often is that it is not the only search engine which is lording over internet.

Google no doubt is the most sought after search engine, but there are also other such sites which are now available with advancement of web technology and you need to pay heed to them too. Visibility on the internet is the key to the success of a commercial website and scripting the site in unison with the demand of search engine visibility is the only way you are going to achieve it.