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  1. Hi Roberto Thanks for the amazing Tips… i would just like to find out what you think about Adobe Muse?

  2. I have thought of trying to become a web designer for a while now, but I am still unsure if it is something that I want to do. I am still a high-school student and our school had no computer classes at all to help me figure this out. Do you have any ideas that could help me decide?

  3. Man, Roberto. I went to high school with you WESTOVER!!!! It's great to see your video's man. Glad you found what you like to do man. You were always the smart quite guy!!! Well, I've subscribed man. Keep doing awesome things man. Mike Fuller c/o 2002

  4. I subscribed because you have an awesome hat.
    No, that's not true. I appreciate the video content. The hat is basically an added bonus.

  5. When you are designing mockups for mobile what size of the canvas do you use? There are different sizes for mobile so how do you decide which one to pick?

  6. Hey Roberto, have you tried to use any of the adobe cc apps for pc to make mock-ups? Im thinking about which program i should use for that.. I have all the programs in the adobe cc package available to me.. Kind regards Michael

  7. Hey man,
    I decided to work in wordpress for the following reasons.. 1. people use mobile devices which means that the website needs to be able to decrease/increase size in all areas.
    which is something I haven't figured out yet in dreamweaver.
    2. it has the easiest way to create a blog in your website.
    3. it gets even easier with Simple Custom CSS which grants you the ability to adjust almost everything in the site.

    ..The hardest thing is stop thinking like a designer rather then a businessman lol
    btw, I always draw a blueprint before i build "anything" to save time :)

  8. Thanks for the tips, I'm looking into starting a small web design business to earn money while I study. Thanks for the help!

  9. These are good tips.I'm currently building a Data base on my Job and these are the same things I had to consider before I even Opened Access.

  10. Is web design a popular business niche? Do people really pay hundreds of dollars for a web designer?

  11. Hey Blake are there any good tips on creating mobile-friendly interfaces? is there any good web design service that provides good tools for mobile web design? Thank you!!

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