20 thoughts on “Web Design Basic Course [Bangla] – Part 1

  1. ei video ta khub e valo …thank u..jara basic level er users tader jonno khub e valo..apni ki java ba unix niye kono videos upload korechen?..jodi krre thaken tahole link ta share krle upokrito hoi..From INDIA.thank u once again.

  2. ভিডিও টা খুব ভালো ছিল। বেসিক ধারণা পেলাম। ধন্যবাদ

  3. opore dewa link thake download kore file open hosce na,plz pdf typer file amake msg korle valo hoto

  4. tnx..bro keep itz up.. cos this details iz very effective for the beginner as like me … & plz start some tutorial about coding …. oh and i'm Honored to be ur valuable subscriber …. 😉

  5. i need the full list of tagging codes. i dont know how to find. i liked ur fb page also. could not find it. plz help

  6. Many many thanks for you because … i'm starting web designing …i saw web design basic course part 1 . that's good … your video inspired me to become a Web Designer .

  7. i am govt. employer but i have lot of free time and i connected by mx 16 hours. i want to be part time freelancer. you have any training branch near mirpur-1.

  8. apni khubi valw vabe bujhiyeche so apnara cpa marketing er konw video dite parben ? kivabe marketing korbw cpagrip a

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