17 thoughts on “Web Design: How to become a web designer in 2017.

  1. Hi Mak

    I really hope you can help
    My question is since WordPress and so on make such awesome sites…it it even worth becoming a web designer !

  2. I'm making a career switch and have been learning HTML5, CSS3, and Java and Python basics on my own before I take classes and online courses. This video is overwhelming me now lol.. =#

  3. THANK GOD.i met you. what an eye opener, your break down make design look so simple and easy for a beginner like me. thank you so much. and i don't mind get your help any time

  4. Hey Mak, I have now been working as a Web developer for over half a year (At an age of 16, wew), together with an award winning team, that includes me, another coder and a designer, and even though we got a designer at the office, I have felt that I had to grow my graphic design skills, for various tasks, so I couldn't agree more with everything you said in this video. So thanks for the video, man.

  5. hi mak;i am actually want to ask u that, i am beginer and wanted to know,,,how am i start free lencing,,,"give me any suggesion that; what am i do now at first???????pls reply

  6. I'm so glad I found your channel. You're the first person that has mentioned graphic design to be a necessary skill for web design. I did some research the other day to see if I could find any information about graphic design being an important skill to learn to become a web designer. From looking at a number of websites I felt that some web designers must have a knowledge of graphic design and it should definitely be a part of your web design arsenal. I think having knowledge of this will definitely make you a more effective web designer. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Hi Mak, nice video. Right now i'm in the process of learning, html, css and javascript at teamtreehouse.com. However, I'm beginning to realize in order to become good web designer you'll need those skills as well as graphic design skills. Fortunately, i've always loved graphic design as well as making websites. I don't have the money to goto a physical college to learn graphic design, so do you know of any affordable websites/software programs (like treehouse for example) where i can learn graphic design.

  8. I've been using photoshop more than 4 years, trying to learn web design, graphic design, and even digital retouching. The problem is I can't focus doing something that I can master..I don't know what to say but I want to jump into a web design career. Can I become a self-taught? How I can satisfy my client getting the services. Please share with me

  9. Hey MAK LIVE, but what about coding? Doesn't Graphic Designer need to learn coding like hmtl, css, js? because if you don't learn it, wouldn't it be easy? and if you learn it, wouldn't it come back to bite you in the butt?

  10. So true! After I am designing a website for a preschool as a freelancer with divi, now they want brochures, magazines from me. I am learning photoshop and illustrator. Graphic design and seo is must for web designers 🙂

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