20 thoughts on “Web Design Portfolio Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Not sure I agree with the "dont worry about coding" comment. If you're inexperienced and building your first portfolio – depending on the job you are looking for. Coding can be more important than design. The days of web designers being a designer only is basically over. You need front end experience. You need platform experience and you need at the least, a working knowledge of the platform/CMS you are building for. This rings especially true if you work with enterprise platforms like Magento. A designer not experienced with the basic functionalities and technology stack of the platform can quickly blow your budgets via scope creep. As in. Whats simple in design – isn't always necessary simple to implement.

  2. Mike, excellent video! Quick question: what counts as original work in a portfolio?

    Most of my experience is in WordPress. I've built 6 sites – all of which I was paid for. Due to time constraints on some of them, I've had to rely on themes and plugins more than I would've liked, but I was also able to make some significant customizations to the themes and plugins on a few others.

    Unfortunately, I recently read that if you had to use a tutorial on part of project, it shouldn't be included in your portfolio. If I incorporated a tutorial into my work, but customized it for my own needs, could I use that in my portfolio? Thanks!

  3. thanks man, I'm new to the industry and have been coding for officially 4 months. my goal is to be in a job by June/July. This really helped. I thought my portfolio website had to be AMAZING.

  4. Mike Locke can you just design the website examples in photoshop and use on your portfolio without actually coding any of it.

  5. Hey Mike, i was watching your videos lately and like them a lot. I'm pretty much at the beginning of my web design journey and i wonder if i should incorporate learning graphic design into my daily routine. Do you think that would be a benefit?

  6. Here's a question.. I'm a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.. I'm currently making my very own website. I'm good at Front End Web Development from designing and to actual coding it. My problem is, even though I'm good at Web Designing, I really have nothing to showcase in my portfolio website since I had no clients yet since I'm a fresh graduate. I'm also good at 3D Modelling/Sculpting and 3D Animation and Video/Photo Editing. I do have some 3D Models and 3D Animation that I can show but it's irrelevant to web designing… Any idea of what should I do to my website…?

  7. someone like me is a newbie. With very little experience, would it ok to put in a portfolio mock websites, or mock product designs/ graphic design pix, Etc… just to show my experience.

  8. WOW! these tips are amazing. This one really opened my eyes and my mind. Your pointers are great. Personally, I can code no problem. So creating a portfolio "site" is no big deal to me. However, I don't have the content. I probably have 4 out of 20 pieces that I can show and that is not a lot. I will follow this tips to a T. Thanks Mike.

  9. This makes me feel so much better!

    I haven't had the chance yet to build my portfolio because I've accepted one freelance project after another! I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum! I have projects but no portfolio yet.

  10. i'm just about to change my career to go into web development.  This information has been taken on board, thanks you for the advice.

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