16 thoughts on “Web Designer Tips for Landing Clients

  1. This video has nothing to with the video title. He's simply reinforcing the points he made in the 'struggling web designers' video.

  2. Good info but can I ask why this is even a video? It's just you looking straight at a camera talking – podcast it. Otherwise you're basically spamming youtube.

  3. Hey Mike, I am 14 years old, know html, css, javascript, jquery, flash, and simple php along with the adobe cs5 suite. Do you think that I should start freelancing (including my age problem)

  4. Another angle that I have found really useful and a great way to build my skill set while getting paid as a freelancer it is to target graphic designers and internet marketing managers who need someone who can code up a site. There are alot of them out there! You can learn their bit by seeing what they do, and they get you work (and vica versa!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great point. I think I'll try to give away somethings for free on my blog. Build up my web karma. Thanks for the video's, they are always interesting.

  6. Despite I'm new in the web design world, I'm becoming an expert with all your tips and training…. Thanks Mike…

  7. Hey Mike, I can't stand free e-book giveaways. Maybe they work, I don't have data, but seem played out. Your 5-point consultation is a much better alternative because it's unique and personal, not to mention giving me a taste of your design (your actual product), while the free e-books are often generic recycled content that can be found online.

  8. hi michael, iยดm a webdesigner from germany and love your videos. many good tips so far. thanks man! keep up the good work!
    you should learn photoshop or better fireworks to create some templates and implement to html/css.photoshop/fireworks are very important for a webdesigner today.
    sorry for my bad english btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. thanks so much. if possible, can you make a video on web designers who dont have a portfolio to advertise yet. (portfolio as in someone without any official websites to show off yet).

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